The next cryptocurrency will explode in 2022

The next cryptocurrency will explode in 2022

This guide discusses the cryptocurrency that will explode in 2022, highlighting the coins with the highest value potential, before showing you how to invest in today’s most promising cryptocurrencies. But in a sea of ​​19000+ cryptocurrencies, how do you narrow down the currency that is most likely to explode this year?

This guide answers that and introduces you to what is believed to be the next cryptocurrency to explode. These not only promise to accelerate your investments over the next few months, they are a sustainable and highly flexible investment that you can use to increase your profits for the year to come.

Top 5 cryptocurrency to explode in 2022

cryptocurrency: Finding the next crypto to explode from a pool of around 20,000 digital assets can be overwhelming. Our team of dedicated crypto analysts and investors have researched countless projects and narrowed it down to 10 hugely promising digital assets, which they consider as the best crypto to buy in 2022 for the most profit.

1 Ethereum (ETH)
2 Ripple (XRP)
3 Ape coin (APE)
4 Binary Coins (BNB)
5 Solana (SOL)

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A closer look at the top next cryptocurrency that’s about to explode in 2022 here

To make this list of cryptocurrencies explode in 2022, the guide looks at a number of factors. We examined their past value actions, their stability, the applicability of their blockchain technology, their community, and their scalability.

We believe that these 10 coins are most likely to explode and sustain an uptrend in the near future as they have all these characteristics. Let us examine them in detail below:

  1. Ethereum (ETH) – Overall The Next Best Cryptocurrency Will Explode In 2022

Ethereum tops the list of next cryptocurrencies in 2022 due to the sustainability and promising outlook of blockchain technology. Today, Ethereum is the largest smart contract platform. It has the largest pool of emerging crypto technologies – from DeFi to NFT, Meme Coins and Eve DApp technology.

These are expected to increase the demand for ETH tokens in the long run. Such a high demand for ETH amid less supply and a more efficient blockchain via the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is expected to lead to a significant price increase for the ETH token.

The other factor which leads us to believe that Ethereum is its previous price action for the next crypto explosion. Founded in 2015, Ethereum has survived the most volatile price drops to achieve an ROI of over 650,000% of its initial investors. Throughout this time, it has proven its resilience through its ability to rebound rapidly even after the most volatile markets.

Most analysts and investors believe that Ethereum is a sustainable project that will not only explode, but also maintain positive growth. We expect it to recover and peak before December 2022 to exceed $10,000 by 2021 and 2025.

  1. Ripple (XRP) – Top Picks for the Most Popular Cryptos with Great Rebound Potential

The more popular the wave, the more controversial it is. Right now, its developers are embroiled in a legal battle against the SEC in US federal court, fighting allegations of promoting and selling unregistered security to the public. Nevertheless, it is still considered the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2022.

It ranks this high on the list of the next crypto to explode due to its flexibility. Despite the ongoing legal battles and downside pressure all around, Ripple has maintained an overall positive uptrend – its ROI exceeded 7000% – and is positioning itself among the top 10 valuable cryptocurrencies. Investor interest in altcoins has not waned, its popularity has grown and its community has grown.

This feature is due to the relevance of the blockchain and the applicability of the XRP token. It seeks to make global payment services more efficient by reducing transaction fees and accelerating cross-border cash transfers. It has already taken over the major banks of more than a dozen countries. We believe that the SEC narrows the matter down to the final detonation.

  1. Ape Coin (APE) – Top pick for the most promising altcoins

ApeCoin joined the list of next cryptocurrencies to explode in 2022 due to its widespread popularity. It also comes here because of its colorful past value actions and the level of development of the Apcoin ecosystem. In about three months, its ROI is already over 500%.

ApeCoin has one of the most active communities of followers. These range from A-list celebrities to the most popular crypto influencers. Its crypto products, from altcoins to NFTs and even the recently launched Virtual Lands, have always been oversubscribed. All of this has a net effect on the price of APE tokens.

In the short term, a revived crypto market and APE community are expected to ignite a token price explosion. And in the long run, improvements in the cryptocurrency market such as the introduction and advancement of more products on the network such as the expected ApeCoin Mainnet will increase future price gains.

  1. Binary Coins (BNB) – The next crypto to explode into exchange-based coins

Binance Coin is a utility token for the Binance chain network associated with Binance-Exchange. It is one of the most popular and most useful blockchains. Its past performance is also excellent, registering over 200,000% ROI in about 5 years.

It has already topped the list of top 10 crypto assets in 2022 and its popularity has grown due to its proximity to the world’s largest and most liquid exchange – the Binary Exchange.

Three main reasons have confirmed to us that Binance Coin is ready to explode. First, Binance and Binance smart chains are constantly expanding the use of BNB tokens – from trading fees to betting on the DeFi platform. Second, Binance is constantly burning extra Binance coins. In the end, Binance is an elastic altcoin and tends to adjust quickly to the market – it crashes when it sinks and is forced to run a bull if it gathers. These factors expect the price of BNB tokens to explode and reach $ 1000 by 2025.

  1. Solana (SOL) – The next smart deal blockchain token to explode

Solana is one of the fastest growing smart contract ecosystems. It’s been less than two years and has topped the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of $ 78 billion and an ROI of 18,000% +. The level of development in its blockchain network is also at a rapid pace which makes Solana a perfect addition to the list of cryptocurrencies and the next cryptocurrency to explode.

Etherium Killer refers to all development projects that take place in the Etherium network. From launching highly successful meme coins, to hosting popular NFT, to Playhouse in Metaverse, and allowing the creation of ultra-secure and ultra-fast DeFi programs and dApps.

Solana has higher throughput than any other top-tier smart contract platform. It has built many partnerships with big brands, its community is growing rapidly. The level of developer activity in the Solana network is also increasing. All of these factors are expected to drive demand for SOL tokens, accelerating its continued price rise, while a revived crypto market will fuel its explosive assembly at 2021 highs in the next few months.

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