How do I rank a Fiverr gig in 2022?

How do I rank a Fiverr gig in 2022

Ranking a Fiverr gig is very easy. You need to start with simple keyword research using the Fiverr search box. If you follow my instructions below, I can guarantee that your gig will rank up very easily and in no time.

Eg: Logo design is your skill. Now, follow the steps and write down all the keywords in your notebook along with some information that will help you make a better decision. Remember, you need to select longtail keywords according to your expertise.
Once you find the long-tail keywords you want for your Fiverr gig. Now, you should check the level of competition for each of theses keywords.

Look at the level of competition for each of these keywords. That way you’ve figured out the least competitive gig.

Once you have found your target keywords. Now you need to create your gig image. At this point, I recommend using yellow, green, orange, sea blue dark colors to create a gig image. Be careful with color psychology. As such, AI is everywhere.

Do not use more than 3 colors in one gig image. Gig images cannot contain more than 10 words of text. The image should be of high resolution.

Now, let’s take a look at your top gigs.

Key Notes:

  1. Use the right keywords in your gig URL and gig title
  2. Use the right keywords 1 or 2 times in your description
  3. Use the right keywords with variety in your price package title.
    A. The price comparison package has the H3 tag. So, you should use proper or related keywords.
  4. Use a single keyword in your gig tag.

Check out the last two pictures.

Believe me, if you can do it right. Your gig will be on the first page within 1 week.

Warning: Once you’ve created and published your gig. Please do not update or change anything in the gig. If you do this, Fiverr won’t let you rank easily.

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