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How to fix ad serving limit in AdSense

Today I will tell you how to fix Ad Serving Limit in AdSense and how to avoid this error. This solution is only for WordPress websites, so don’t try it on any other platform.

What are the ad limits in AdSense?

Google Ad Limit is a type of notice given to an ad publisher in his Google Adsense account. Google’s advertising limits reduce or stop the display of ads on publisher’s websites. This notice of limitation will be displayed on the publisher’s website for 3 months, during which time if all visitors to the publisher’s website are genuine and visit the website through Google’s search engine, this limitation notice will be automatically removed from the publisher’s account.

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Because of the limitations of Google AdSense advertising.

When an invalid click appears on the publisher’s website, you are notified of a Google advertising limit. And by purchasing traffic from ads served by Google through WhatsApp or any other platform, visitors are seen clicking on ads running on the publisher’s website. For this reason, according to Google AdSense’s algorithm, the publisher is given an ad limit notice to temporarily remove ads or reduce the amount of ads on its website.

When a visitor visits the ADS running on your website and clicks on a link shared by the publisher and the publisher, you may be sent a Google Advertising Limit Notice. You may also be notified when you visit and visit your website frequently. In order to increase the impression of Google-run ads. Because you are paid by Google for the impression.

Set ads in AdSense.

If you are given ad limit notice by Google Adsense or you want to avoid ad limit notification, you need to install a plugin on your website which will give you all visitors to your website. May allow a limited amount of ad clicks.

If a visitor clicks more than your permission on ads running on your website, their IP will be blocked by this plugin and they will not be shown ads on your website for some time. So you can remove and avoid the Google Advertising Limit Notice from your account.

How to fix ad serving limit in AdSense

To avoid Google Ad Limits, first you need to go to your WordPress Dashboard and then you need to install a plugin for which you have to go to your WordPress Plugins section and click on Add New button to enable it. To install a new plugin on your website.

After doing this, many plugins will appear in front of you, you need to go to the search option in the right corner to search (AdSense Invalid Click Protector).

After searching the name of the plugin, any type of plugin will open in front of you, you must first install it and then activate the plugin by clicking on the activate button.

Once successfully installing and activating the plugin, you need to open the settings of the now installed plugin so that you can install this plugin for your website visitors.

After doing this, a kind of interface will open in front of you, here you first need to set a limit so that the visitors to your website are within the limits you set.

You will then need to see how long the visitor will not show ads if your ad clicks more than the specified threshold.

You will then need to go to the second option where you will see that this plugin blocks the IP address of the visitor coming to the website, so that the visitor cannot see the advertisement on your website. And for this feature, it uses the free feature of a website.

You can block 150 IP address at one time buy using AdSense invalid click protector. If your website gets a lot of visitors, you can buy a premium plane from this website and then use this feature through the API key of the premium plane.

After doing this you will now come to the third section where you can choose whether the clicks on the ads displayed on your website are too low, using the code of those countries you can block the ads of all the countries displayed on your website. Website

<?php if (aicp_can_see_ads()) {echo’ <div class=”aicp”> <Paste code here> <div>’; }

else {echo “sorry! you are blocked from seeing the ads”;} ?>

After pasting the code, you’ll need to delete the section in the middle of the code and paste the ad code generated by Google Adsense instead.

First you need to open your Google AdSense and create an ad on it. After creating the ad, you will see a code in front of you, you need to copy it.

After copying the code provided by Google AdSense, you need to go back to your WordPress and paste the code. You must then choose where you want your ad to appear on your website. And then save this whole process by clicking the Save button next to it.

AdSense Advertising Limit Solution.

Following this process, you will now have complete control over all the apps displayed on your website and you will never notice the limitations of ads in your Google AdSense and this process will be completed automatically if you receive this notification. A few days.

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