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Types of Home insurance Policy in India

Home Insurance India Buying a home is a great achievement, but the formality involved and the amount of documentation involved can be somewhat overwhelming.  Creating a checklist of things to do after buying a home can go a long way.  The most important thing after buying a house.

Buying a home is a huge achievement, but the amount of formality and documentation involved can be overwhelming.  Creating a checklist of things to do after buying a home can go a long way.  The most important thing after buying a house and installing it completely is to insure the house financially to protect yourself financially from all possible risks related to the house and its contents.

   Table of Contents:

   Types of home insurance
   Claim process
   Important aspect
   Questions to ask

What is home insurance?

Natural or man-made disasters such as earthquakes, floods or fires can cause extensive damage to your home and property.

This can lead to huge economic losses.  To protect yourself from this catastrophe, it is important to buy your home ins:.  If you are getting self-insurance, you need to make sure that you are getting the best rates.  For this, do a comparative study of home loan companies and then choose the loan according to your needs.  Home ins: will protect you from financial loss if a forcible event damages your house and its contents.

Types of home insurance

Insurance companies offer comprehensive home insurance plans to meet the needs and requirements of the customers.  Different types of home insurance policies ensure protection against unforeseen financial losses.  You can either go for them or choose the one that suits your needs.  There are several types of home ins:

   Structure / Building Insurance
   Standard fire and special hazard policy
   Personal accident
   Public Liability Coverage
   Family Package Policy (Theft and Theft)

 What is all home insurance cover?

Home insurance provides coverage that not only protects the house but also its contents in a variety of situations.  Let’s take a look at the coverage provided under home insurance.

   Loss or damage to home furnishings
   Loss or damage to valuables and jewelry
   Damage to material due to theft or robbery
   Damage or damage due to fires, explosions, storms, cyclones, earthquakes, riots, thunderstorms, floods, terrorism etc.

Eligibility criteria

Home insurance is an important aspect of protecting your house from unforeseen circumstances.  Look at the situation when you can buy home insurance.

Who has property
Tenants can also insure the contents of the space using the leased space

Home insurance claims process

In case of any incident, you have to file a claim for which you have to go to the insurance company.  The following steps have been taken to proceed with the claim process:

   Call the insurance company on their 24 × 7 toll free number and report the problem immediately.
   In case of loss or theft, file a complaint or FIR with the provider
   Provide other necessary information like policy number and claim details
   Once the claim request is registered with the company, a surveyor is hired to evaluate the case
   Provide other necessary documents such as photos and other causes of loss to proceed with the case
   The surveyor will submit the survey report to the provider
   If the provider finds it in a suitable case, it will credit the account to your account, otherwise it will refuse.
   If you are not satisfied with this, you can go to court of law

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