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The Process Of Taking House Loan From Islami Bank

Islami Bank House Loan is given for building a house. Home is man’s own nest. Home is the name of a dream address. At the end of the day, after completing all the activities, people run to their homes in search of some peace. So, being home is a reflection of every human dream.

Where the full expression of a person’s sense of taste will emerge. So everyone dreams of building a house to enhance their taste. The dream of building a house is the name of a cherished dream in the heart of every human being. Every human being, regardless of their socio-economic status, has a dream to build a house and at the same time to live happily and peacefully with their family.

Considering the country’s socio-economic sector and economy, it is not a matter of building houses for the upper class people, but it is a matter of fulfilling the dream of middle class or lower class people to build houses.

Islamic Bank House Loan Islami Bank House Loan Terms of Getting

  1. Source of income
  2. Whether there was a loan somewhere before
  3. Age
  4. Your previous banking experience
  5. Your Current Workplace Islamic Bank House Loan Getting Rules Required Documents for Islami Bank House Loan Private Plate Conclusion Government Plot Conclusion.

Due to the very limited sources of income of the middle and lower class in Bangladesh, building a house from their own source of income has become a huge issue for them. Because running the family, paying for the education of the boys and girls, meeting the needs of the whole family is no longer a source of income for him. Building a house is a very difficult task for the middle class or lower class people of the country.

Even a few days ago, it was unthinkable for people of all walks of life to build their own source of income. But, now people of any class of profession can fulfill that dream.

Yes, you heard right. You too can build your own home. Banks have come forward with the dream of building people’s houses. Home banks have come up with home loan schemes to fulfill their dream of building houses. Where people can build a house with a certain amount of loan from the bank on top of their income.

Terms of getting Islami Bank House Loan.

If you are planning to take house loan, there are some things you must keep in mind. And that is:

  1. Source of income.
    Since you are an employee, it is not possible for you to build a house on your own. In that case you will apply for a home loan along with the bank. In this case the bank will verify your source of income. They will check the source of income to see if you can afford the loan. Therefore, they will continue to provide you Islamic Bank House Loan.
  2. Whether there was debt somewhere before.

In any case, the banks will ask you if you can afford to repay the loan in their future. But if you are already in debt, your chances of getting a home loan are slim.

  1. Age.

Age is a very important factor when it comes to borrowing. Because, if your current age is above forty then you have to think many times in the bank about giving loan.

Because if you don’t have a source of income as you get older, you will have to go through a bit of trouble in the case of loan money councils. So when it comes to applying for a home loan, it is best to have a person between the ages of 18 and 35.

  1. Your previous banking experience.

Previous banking experience is very important in getting an Islamic Bank House Loan. Because, before applying to the bank for home loan, they will look for transaction experience in any bank before you.

Where are you going to consider, have you taken a loan from a bank before? Whether you have been able to repay that salt in time etc.

  1. Your current workplace.

Banks will carry out a thorough verification of your workplace, about you, as well as about you in your workplace when it comes to providing bank home loans. It will also check how you are as a person, whether there is a conflict with someone over money.

Islami Bank House Loan Power Rules.

House loan salt has now opened a new horizon in the context of Bangladesh. Banks have set a desired vision to fulfill the dream of building houses within reach.

Islami Bank is no exception. Like the rest of their services in the customer’s highest service project, Home Loan is a very popular service name. So, today I will discuss about Islami Bank’s home loan service. I hope you will benefit.

Islami Bank is a complete Sharia bank for customer service. In improving the quality of customer service, their home loan is a far-sighted step. With this home loan facility many people have been able to fulfill their dream of building a home.

Islami Bank mainly provides home loan facility to its customers, providing a certain amount of loan facility to the customers on construction of houses as well as purchase of readymade flats.

The name of Islami Bank House Loan Service is: Bai – Muajjal / HPSM

Under this Islami Bank House Loan, Islami Bank provides a maximum loan facility of Tk.

However, there are some things to consider in this case.

If you build a new house, they will give you 60% loan facility of Rs. 10 lakhs. In case you want to buy readymade flats or apartments, they will give you 50% or maximum loan facility of Rs. 7.5 lakhs.

Also, if you want to rebuild the old house, they will provide 80% of the right loan of Rs. 10,000.

The bank will provide you the loan facility for a maximum of 15 years.

Any professional, businessman or land owner is eligible to avail this loan within a maximum age of 65 years.

Documents required for Islami Bank House Loan.

You must own your own land to take an Islamic Bank House Loan.

In the case of private plates.

Original ownership deed of land, baya deed. Duplicate of CS, SA, RS, BS ledger.
DCR, rent receipt and namazari ledger.
12 (twelve) year NEC issued by District / Sub Registry Office.

In the case of government plots.

Plot allotment paper.
Occupancy transfer paper.
Original lease deed and baya deed (where applicable).
Mortgage permit from the leaseholder. Transfer permit and namzari, DCR and rent receipt.

If you want to apply for this loan, you are applying to contact your nearest Islami Bank branch.

List of Islamic Bank Branch Address: Click Hare.


These were the detailed rules and regulations for taking Islamic bank house loan today. People build a house by dreaming about future generations. So that they can spend the days ahead a little safer. So, people of any class profession have to find a nest of their own. He will be able to spend some quiet time with his family wherever he lives. A salt facility like Bangladesh is a completely far-sighted plan. It is hoped that this trend will continue in the near future.

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