Houston maritime attorney in the US

houston maritime attorney in the us

Houston Maritime Attorney, the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States, is an ideal location for the maritime industry. The city is not only on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, it is also surrounded by many lakes and bayous. The Port of Houston is a major public and private port facility, spanning more than 25 miles. As one of the busiest ports in the country, marine crews have many responsibilities including maintenance, commercial fishing, cargo handling and much more. Sadly, Houston has the highest number of marine injuries and deaths in the country, many of which have been caused by drone ships and employer negligence.

Houston Marine Accidents and Injuries

Houston Maritime Attorney: Crane accidents are common in Houston and unfortunately some of these incidents have ended tragically. In December 2011, dockworker Alan Chase was killed when a 250,000-ton crane crashed alongside him. Another worker was operating the crane when it hit the chase. Colleagues and crew members should always be aware of each other. However, in the event of an accident due to faulty equipment and/or poor training in safety protocols, employers may be liable for damages.

In another tragic sea accident in Houston, Manuel Franz was killed in 2012 when a steel beam fell on him. Franz was in his truck, waiting to be loaded at the Port of Houston when the beam collapsed and crushed it. Investigators say improper loading is a possible cause of the accident.

In May 2010, a longshoreman won a $1.2 million settlement when negligence played a role in a worker’s lifelong injury. The longshoreman, whose name has not been released, was unloading cargo at the Port of Houston when a mule truck collided with him. As a result, he soon underwent neck surgery.

Employer Negligence and Marine Accidents

Many of Houston’s accidents and injuries could have been prevented if workers had the legal right to work on seaplanes and in safe conditions. Every year, sailors are injured due to the sheer carelessness and carelessness of employers, shipowners, construction companies and other crew members. If a sailor is injured at work due to the negligence of another party, the Jones Act requires employers to be liable for damages.

Remember that if you are a sailor and are injured on the job, you have rights that protect you and hold the party responsible for the damage. For more information, the legal representation of an experienced Houston maritime attorney who understands maritime law at both the state and federal level is recommended.

In the meantime, for additional resources on your compensation rights and benefits, see our Maritime Rights article and for specific information on compensation and the techreviwe24.

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