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Job Visa: How many Bangladeshi live in foreign countries

Job Visa: Although workers once left Bangladesh for legal employment in many countries, this market has shrunk greatly over the years. The coronavirus has put more pressure on the world labor market. According to government figures, Bangladeshis go to work in 162 countries around the world. Every year between eight and one million workers officially move abroad from Bangladesh. Most of them go as unskilled workers.

However, Baira says that more than 20 lakh employees go abroad with second visas.

Job Visa: In which countries do Bangladeshi laborers go more?

Job Visa: Rahman, director of the Bangladesh government’s Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training, told BBC Bangla that Saudi Arabia is by far the largest labor market in Bangladesh. Then there are countries like Oman, Qatar, Bahrain. In some countries workers are also going to Jordan, Singapore, Romania etc. He said that more or less Bangladeshi workers are going to 162 countries legally from us.

Kuwait, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives were once major labor markets for Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshis still work legally and illegally in these countries. But workers are no longer able to go to these countries legally. He said Bangladeshi workers have recently started moving to Poland, Romania and Bolivia legally.

However, around 1.5 lakh workers have returned to Bangladesh since the start of the coronavirus infection. Many of them are on leave and planning to return.

Job Visa: What are Bangladeshi activists going to do?

Job Visa: Rahman says that workers going to new countries are going on visas like catering, nurses, caregivers etc. However, most workers moving to countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia are leaving as unskilled workers. Ali Haider Chowdhury, former general secretary of the Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA), told BBC Bangla: They work in the construction sector, in restaurants, in shops or elsewhere.

He says that more than one lakh workers are waiting for visas, but are unable to leave due to coronavirus. Are living in many different countries to visit relatives on a travel visa or visa. Many people are forced to live illegally even after their work is over. The current situation in the seven countries with the largest number of workers from Bangladesh is highlighted here.

Saudi Arab

Till March 2020, 1 lakh 33 thousand 998 workers from Bangladesh have gone to Saudi Arabia. However, in 2019, 3 lakh 99 thousand workers went to the country. Ali Haider Choudhary says that visas have been issued to many workers. But could not go due to coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia has banned flights with Bangladesh due to coronavirus infection. Although Saudi Airlines is operating, Bangladesh aircraft have not yet been given permission to land. Many laborers are stranded on leave in Bangladesh. His recruits say he should return to Saudi Arabia by 30 September.


Oman now ranks second in the list of more workers leaving Bangladesh. By the time the coronavirus infection started in 2020, 18,398 workers had gone to Oman. Last year this number was 82,854. Manpower recruitment agencies have said that these workers are mainly going as unskilled workers in construction, workshops etc.

Most of the migrant workers in the country are Bangladeshis. Altogether there are about eight lakh laborers here. At least 1.5 lakh of them have become illegal or unregulated due to coronavirus infection. However, recruitment agencies say that most Bangladeshis visiting Oman have gone there on free visas.

That is, they did not go there through any owner. Oman’s economy is also under some pressure due to the fall in oil prices. That’s why migrant workers are in trouble. Oman has announced the resumption of international flights from October 1 after being closed for more than six months due to the coronavirus.


In 2020, Singapore is the third largest employer from Bangladesh. A total of 9,417 laborers have gone to the country this year. In 2019, 49,729 laborers went to the country from Bangladesh.

Several Bangladeshi workers in the country have reportedly been infected since the onset of the coronavirus infection. Bangladesh air service with Singapore resumed but was not completely normal.


In 2020, 3,503 people from Bangladesh went to Qatar. Last year, the number of Bangladeshi workers leaving the country was 50,292. With the World Cup approaching, construction work in Qatar has started in full swing, but everything has come to a standstill due to the Corona virus.

After the onset of the coronavirus infection, Qatar imposed sanctions and cut off almost all communication with the country. But now regular flights have resumed from Doha. However, quarantine has been made mandatory in the country.


Jordan ranks fifth on the list of most watched workers this year. Workers mainly from Bangladesh are moving to the country in the apparel, residential and construction sectors. As of March this year, 3,006 workers left Bangladesh for Jordan in 2020.

In 2019, 20 thousand 348 laborers stayed in Bangladesh. The country has again allowed international flights from 8 September. However, all travelers coming from abroad will have to be compulsorily tested for Kovid-19.


For the last few years, workers from Bangladesh have started moving to this country. This year 2,000 laborers have gone to the country. Last year seven and a half thousand employees had gone.

More workers are going in the garment, tourism, restaurant and construction sectors.


At one time many laborers from Bangladesh used to go to work in Kuwait but now the number of workers going there has reduced very much. In the first three months of 2020, 1643 people left for the country from Bangladesh. Last year 18,398 people visited the country.

After a six-month hiatus, flights from Bangladesh to Kuwait resumed in early August. But the new staff hasn’t started yet.


However, less skilled and unskilled workers from Bangladesh migrate to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Malaysia, South Korea, Italy, Egypt, Brunei, Japan, Iraq and the UK.

However, this year the number of workers moving to any of these countries did not reach thousands. Many Bangladeshis are already working especially in Malaysia, Maldives, Bahrain, UAE. Officials say many people go abroad with travel visas, visas to visit relatives and stay illegally. His account was not added to this list.

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