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How to make money by writing articles

know about all the platforms for Make money by writing articles. Hello friends, welcome to a new episode of ICTMIA. Today I am going to give you complete information about how to make income through article writing.

There are some people like me who like to read and write.
This type of person can read and write ineffectively. Remember that writing and writing articles are almost the same thing.

While writing articles, you should have good knowledge of the subject matter and language.
If you don’t have the knowledge to write articles, what will you write?
So before you start writing you should think deeply and pay special attention to your writing.

Writing this article or content writing is not that difficult because the more you practice this topic, the more it will automatically develop within you.
When you become proficient in writing, there are many platforms available in the marketplace from which you can earn a lot of money.

In today’s article, I will talk about all those platforms from where you can earn money by writing articles online.

How to make money by writing articles or content

Make money by Writing articles: Nowadays human life has become very busy. There are many such bloggers or writers.
Those who do not have time to write articles are looking for article writers and there are many websites and apps from where they hire low cost content writers.

If they like your work, they will increase your fee.
For this, you will have to create your profile on some of these platforms and from there you will start getting the job of writing articles.

Best way to earn money from article writing

1) Start writing articles for others –

Many people want to start a blog but they do not know how to write. You can target those people. You can then contact them via email or social media and offer to write a post for them

2) Earn money by writing articles on Blogger.com –

If you do not have the budget, then you should start your blog on Blogger.

Keep posting regular articles here. When views start coming to your blog, you can earn through advertisements and affiliates.

3) Write an article for a news company –

You can write articles for news agencies. News people always need a content writer.
You can ask them for jobs by showing your blog and earn money by writing articles.

4) Earn money from partnership –

You can earn money by collaborating with any top blogger or Youtuber.
Top bloggers don’t have time, so they can’t manage their blog.

5) Through e-book –

This is a very popular method today. You can create your own course or any type of eBook.
Now you can earn money by selling this book through insta mojo or any other platform.

Best website to write articles


Quora is a very famous platform for writing.
Quora is actually a Q&A website. Where users can answer questions and any kind of question.
This is the world most popular and reliable website. This website is available in both Hindi, Bengali and English.

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Visitors are the most important part of AdSense

Quora has its own monetization program, also known as partner program.
Quora has not issued any guideline to join this program.
In this program you can earn money by writing or answering in Bengali, Hindi or English.

You will be paid according to the number of views of your writing.

2- Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the greatest and popular platfrom for freelacing sectors. Here you can earn a lot of money according to your skill.

If you know how to set up a WordPress website properly, you can get a decent amount of money from the customer as per your skills.

you have to be more sincer and supportive for assiste people.
To earn money by writing articles on Fiverr, all you have to do is create a profile on Fiverr.
You need to publish one or two of your articles in your project so that the client is impressed with your writing skills.

You can charge up to $5 for anything you write with Fiverr.

3- Upwork

Upwork is a well known freelancing platform. You can earn a lot of money from your article writing skills on Upwork.
First you have to create a profile in Upwork. In the profile, you must specifically mention the picture, your work history and skills.

To get a job in Upwork, you must first bid for the project and persuade the client to do the work.
When you get the project you can earn money by completing it.

4- Freelancer-

Freelancer is a world famous freelance platform. You can make more money from here.
Freelancers give you jobs according to your qualifications.

You too can earn a lot of money by writing to a freelancer.
In Freelancer, you need to write and customize your profile and your skills very well.

You should mention one or two of your projects as it helps you get the work done.
When customers give you good ratings, your profile starts ranking.
Due to which you will start getting more article writing work.

5- Writer

iwriter is a very popular platform for writing articles. This is where writers and publishers meet.
Keeping the author in mind to write the article, the publisher explained his needs and requirements.
If the publisher likes your article, it accepts it and pays you.

6- Hiring author-

If you are good at writing in Bengali, Hindi or English, you can write high quality articles.
If you are expert in above mentioned article writing e then you can earn a lot of money through Hire Writer platform.

Publishers on this platform hire writers according to their needs and pay according to the quality of their posts.

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Best platform to write articles

own blog

If you don’t want to write for someone, you want to write for yourself and make money from it. For this you have to create your own website. You can use Blogger or WordPress to create a website.

After you have set up your website on Blogger or WordPress, you publish your writing on it.
After publishing around 20 to 25 articles you apply for Adsense. Once approved, with Adsense, you can earn money by adding ads.

Also, you will get paid for doing affiliate marketing.

Accept guest post or guest post –

Guest post is a very good source of online income.
When your blog’s reputation increases and its authority increases, people will try to communicate with you through email or other means. They will offer to write a guest post on your blog, for which they will also give you money.

In addition, there are many websites where you can register and charge up to $50 for guest posts.

Today I have told you about many websites and platforms in which you can earn money by writing articles.

If you want, you can take these platforms as a part time or full time job.
The more you work, the more you will earn in the future.
You cannot make money just by writing, there are many other ways in which you can make money.

Frequently asked questions –

How do I write an article?

Answer – Article writing is an art, you need consistency, patience and practice to become proficient in this art.

How to make a brief articles?

Answer – To write a short article, you have to write keeping in mind the main topic of writing the article.

You need to summarize the content of the article.

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