Nationwide Marine Injury Lawyer

Nationwide Marine Injury Lawyer

Marine injury lawyer: Assist its residents and offshore staff

The greater St. Louis area is home to about three million people and, like most major metropolitan areas, has a very diverse local economy. One of the many attractions of St. Louis is the rich maritime area. The Metropolitan Port of St. Louis – the country’s second-largest inland port system – employs thousands of maritime workers in Missouri and Illinois. These workers regularly put themselves in danger, as heavy objects, weak machinery, slippery moving surfaces, falling objects and other hazards can easily cause serious injury in the moment.

When marine workers are injured in an offshore accident, they need legal assistance to get the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law. They can get experienced legal assistance at Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP, one of the leading maritime law firms in the United States. Our national-based maritime attorneys represent clients across the country, including the St. Louis, MO area.

Marine Injury Lawyer: Injuries at the marine workplace

Marine Injury Lawyer: Marine accidents are not only common but diverse – there are many ways that such job sites can cause injury. Our maritime accident lawyers have won compensation for a variety of injuries and work-related illnesses, including the following:

Spinal cord injury

Pulmonary disorders


Compartment syndrome

Back injury

Skin burns

Head injury / brain damage

Hypothermia and frostbite

Fortunately, maritime law provides a variety of ways to compensate injured sailors financially. Hiring a Jones Act Attorney is an important step you can take to protect your rights.

What are maintenance and remedies, Marine Injury Lawyer

Marine Injury Lawyer: The most basic type of marine compensation. maintenance and treatment, is given on a weekly or fortnightly basis. regardless of which party is to blame for the injury in question. The purpose of this compensation is to enable injured sailors to pay for their recovery (maintenance), and medical expenses (treatment) during their recovery.

Maintenance and treatment is considered a simple process, as it does not require an investigation into the cause of the accident. However, not everyone is able to collect the full amount that they should get. Some employers try to pay their injured workers less – or refuse to pay. in this case, you should turn to a maritime injury attorney who has experience in such cases. Our Marine Personal Injury Attorneys represent clients in St. Louis, MO who need assistance in demanding their maintenance and treatment.

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