Troy BrownJr. and Damian Jones are included in one of their starting lineups. Their stylish three-point shooter has been Matt Ryan. How are you Laker's suckers, k?

At one point, Westbrook indicted the platoon for causing his hamstring injury by playing him as a reserve rather than a starter. At another point, James blamed the canon construction. Poor Darwin Hamm formerly sounds like poor Frank Vogel.

"We were not really completely healthy," the new trainer told journalists Friday in Minnesota." I am just looking forward to the day when we get healthy and we are suitable to really have different directions that we can go with our lineup grounded on guys being healthy and available."

Are they ever going to win a game? And when they do, will it be too late?

Fear not, they probably will not hang the worst launch in NBA history, an 0- 18 mark participated by the 2015- 2016 Philadelphia 76ers and 2009- 2010 New Jersey Nets.

Still, facing six straight games against brigades with winning records, they could fluently fall to 0- 11 against winless Sacramento before Nov. 11 home game.

Also, do not worry, they should not hang the 1972- 73 Philadelphia 76ers record for smallest triumphs in an 82- game season with nine.