That is how Phillies' party started Sunday evening at Citizens Bank Park. They defeated the Padres 4 – 3 in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series at Citizens Bank Park to win their first NL standard since 2009.

 Players poured out of the unker and bullpen, and they rushed toward the middle of the infield, where left- handed Ranger Suarez recorded the final two outs two days after pitching five innings in Game 3. They jumped up and down as they celebrated the durability of this questionable trip to a World Series crown.

Castellanos saw Bryce Harper run toward the mound. Harper hit a two- run home run before in the inning. Castellanos pulled the last ball out of his glove and handed it to Harper.

" Take it, family," said Castellanos." This is your time." It sure is that.

" Let's give them commodity to flash back ," Harper told Phillies hitting trainer Kevin Long before the bottom of the eighth inning.

The Phillies surrendered a one- run lead in just the seventh inning to bounce back in San Diego. No bone

wanted to play Game 6 after a,370- afar flight to Petco Park on Monday.

Realmuto opened the frame with a single to left against right- hander Robert Suarez. also Harper stepped up to the plate.