Buffalo's offense knew they sweet-faced a top-10 defense within the Jets, however, their own lack of execution additionally served to create the offense appear as if a struggle on Sunday. The team had 2 touchdown drives within the half alongside a 14-play and a nine-play drive to place themselves up 14-3.

But then it had been troublesome for Buffalo to achieve a distance of any size because the Jets defensive front turned the sport into a slugfest.

They contend to several men within the half," aforesaid Stefon Diggs, WHO did not register a reception within the half. "And within the half, they did 2 (safeties) high tons. thus we tend to went on the run, and we were productive within the run game.

So, the first half, half is usually a special game. they need to create 2 highs way more. they need long been addicted to crime. So, we tend to come out we tend to run the ball well, expeditiously. we tend to have one thing wrong."

A lost field goal simply before the suspension, albeit from fifty-five yards, prevented the Bills from pushing their cause seven at the break. And despite averaging six.1 yards per keep it up the bottom, Buffalo's offense managed simply sixty-three total web yards within the half.

"I offer credit wherever credit is due they came up with an excellent game set up so they adjusted consequently once they saw some things they might have done higher," Diggs aforesaid. "So, for us, we tend to have to try to to the precise same issue. we tend to know this game was aiming to be dead. and that we did not execute well."

Josh Allen, WHO was extraordinarily upset together with his own level of play, including a combination of interceptions, was a lot of direct in his criticism of their performance on offense.

"I'd say we tend to did not ... do something nice before of ourselves, turning the shock," Allen aforesaid. "You solely get such a lot of drives thereon during this league. Every game, you've got to create them count, and that I did not."