Well, Makhachev, Nurmagomedov, Volkanovsky and the UFC make it look enough readily. Everything is aligned. Makhachev gets to defend his belt against theNo.

1 pound- for- pound fighter in the world. And Volkanovsky gets a shot at a alternate title-- in his home country of Australia.

shoot the contract. publish fight bills. We are going to Perth, Australia on February 12th for UFC 284 and that is the main event.

Wild Card Benil Dariush... Dariush is so, so, meritorious of a title fight, but indeed he knows that is not in the cards-- yet.

He has a big fight ahead of him right now. One would suppose he'd get his chance if he keeps winning, but it will not be right down.

Charles Oliveira( alternate round submission loss to Makhachev) Who should be coming Conor McGregor

Oliveira is the perfect foe for McGregor, if and when McGregor returns. He keeps saying he will, but it seems we are noway close to him.

This is the one if he comes back. Oliveira has the most instigative style in sports right now. He is formerly beaten so numerous egregious opponents that you will want to bespeak him next.

He deserves the attention a megafight against McGregor will bring him. And I go he'd indeed take the fight at 170 pounds, if McGregor demanded it.