The 2022 World Series is then. The Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies will meet in this time's Fall Classic after knocking off the Yankees and Padres in the crown series, independently.

The World Series gets underway Friday night at Minute Maid Park in Houston. It was the Astros' fourth standard in the last six times and the Phillies' first since 2009.

The brace has a postseason history. Philadelphia defeated the Astros in the NLCS en route to their World Series crown in 1980 when the Astros were in the National League and the NLCS was in the top five.

That series went the distance and also some-- Gary Maddox delivered the series-winning hit with his tenth-inning double in Game 5.

The series also featured several each- time greats, most especially Pete Rose and Hall of Famers Steve Carlton, Joe Morgan, Nolan Ryan, and Mike Schmidt. New Rangers director Bruce Bochy also played in that series.

Of course, what happed in 1980 has no bearing on what happens in 2022, and the same is true for the final series of this regular season when the Astros and Phillies squared off against each other in Houston.

The Astros won two of three, though the Phillies slightly settled a postseason situation and ran into hungover lineups in Games 161 and 162.

still, with the World Series set to begin on Friday night, let's make some bold prognostications. Come with me, will not you?